About Us

Encouraging leadership while developing batting, fielding, and pitching skills.

North Charleston Dixie Majors Baseball has a rich tradition of success over the past two decades, of winning championships and molding our youth into men who go on to play baseball in college, become engineers, accountants, etc. husbands and fathers, while contributing to the Lowcountry in a positive way. The program has recently notched its last two World Series wins in the summer of 2015 where the Majors team won their fifth World Series Title (most in Dixie Majors franchise history), and the Pre-Majors team won their first title, bringing the program total to six, since it’s involvement in 1993. In addition to the many accolades the program has notched, the program has competed in 16 straight World Series appearances, and won over 22 State Championships. The program has a state of the art playing field, auxiliary field for skill work, and batting cages. Not only is it one of the best facilities in the state, the monetary fee for the summer and fall do not compare to what you have paid for other programs.

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The program for years consisted of two teams, until recently adding a 15 and under team as well. The Majors are mostly comprised of 18-19 year olds, while the Pre-Majors team consists of 16-17 year olds. Our three teams are coached by some of the best and most experienced coaches in the Lowcountry. Dedication and hard work is instilled in player from day one as the players are exposed to a wide variety of skill type drills for pitching, catching, infield and outfield, along with the fundamentals of hitting. The success of a great high school and college athlete is formed with their knowledge of the game, and the fundamentals that they have trained their body to perform. We set our selves apart from some of the other programs in the country on how we are willing to work hard to learn the correct way to field a ground ball, form proper pitching techniques through drills, and learning what an approach at the plate means (to name a few).

Combining 107 total years of coaching, the North Charleston Staff is unique in that each Coach played in the program as a youth as well, before going on to further their baseball careers at the collegiate level. Led by Kenny Wilkinson, who is the program’s manager and also head coach for the Majors, his 44 years of coaching includes some of baseball’s greatest players, Alex Rodriguez, Jeff Francoeur, and minor leaugers Chip Channon, Wynn Pelzer, Ryan Owens, Jon Ellis, to name a few. He was also a 2013 inductee to the Charleston Baseball Hall of Fame.

As a coach and a player of the North Charleston Baseball program, the vision is very clear and simple. It’s to one, make each individual better as a player, and to advance them to the next stage of where they are in their playing career. Two, as a team, through hard work, dedication, and setting goals, the vision is to achieve the games ultimate prize of a World Series Championship. There is no other feeling that being able to win your last game of the season, and be a champion. (Please take a look at our Ring Ceremony and Awards banquet to see how we honor these types of accomplishments). These same young men who dedicate their summer to playing baseball end up going on to college, earning a degree and taking the life lessons that were instilled through baseball on with them in their everyday life.

When asking yourself do you fit into the North Charleston Baseball program, it’s very simple to answer. You will be gaining a wealth of knowledge of the game of baseball, all of the proper fundamentals of how to be a great player, and the best facility and equipment that a program provides. It ultimately comes down to your work ethic and if you as a player and you as a parent are committed to your (son’s) success by putting in the time throughout the summer or fall. We promise as coaches we are, we have a pretty good track record. Please use the link below to email us about any other questions or inquiries you might have about our program or your son’s future involvement with us at North Charleston.